Text AI

Disruptive Engineering offers a range of text analysis tools designed to help businesses and organizations extract valuable insights from large volumes of unstructured data. Our powerful software uses advanced natural language processing techniques to analyze and interpret text data.

Use Text AI to help you extract the right information from large your databases, news articles, and customer feedback.

Text AI can extract common information such as:

  • People’s names
  • Organisations’ names
  • Locations
  • Dates

And can be trained to extract new information.

“Broadcom is rumoured to be interested in acquiring Qualcomm.”

Question: What company will be acquired?

Result: {‘score’: 0.92, ‘start’: 48, ‘end’: 56, ‘answer’: ‘Qualcomm’}

Use Text AI in Finance

In finance, Text AI can be used to extract which company mentioned in a merger and acquisition rumour is the target company.

Use Text AI in Healthcare

In healthcare, Text AI can be used to extract the medication mentioned in somebody’s records.